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Apocalyptic Retrospective On Zombie T-Shirts

It was a long night, but I’m still alive. Those mindless freaks kept clawing at the door until Jim and I decided that the only way to survive the whole thing would be to rush out and fight. There were a dozen of them, so I knew it could be dangerous. It turned out to be more than just dangerous…it was deadly. The last three cornered Jim while I was distracted. They clawed and chewed him up pretty bad by the time I got to him. It was a frozen moment in time, and I noticed that three of those undead freaks were wearing zombie t-shirts.

Can you believe that madness? Just three years ago the whole world was going nuts for zombies. Zombie shirts, zombie television, zombie books, zombie cartoons…zombie EVERYTHING was everywhere and no one knew how bad it would be when fiction became reality.

I know it was just a fluke, but here were three recently unanimated corpses that were wearing zombie tees when the whole world went. Billions of people dead, and just minutes before it happened, these three guys were probably watching some gruesome flick about walking corpses eating mankind alive.

All of this irony was surging through my head when I heard Jim croak something out. I thought he had already turned, but he was still good old Jim. I held back the crowbar in my hands, tears in my eyes as I watched my best buddy suffer. He chuckled and said, “Those guys were wearing zombie tee shirts. Did you see that? Weird.” I couldn’t help but laugh, despite my grief.

Jim closed his eyes and nodded. I knew he wanted me to end it, but I didn’t just yet. I couldn’t. Jim was always the tough guy and he actually had to talk me into doing it for him. It was only a matter of time, after all. I won’t tell you what happened next, because you should already know. I burned him after, with those kids in the zombie t-shirts too. There was a time when the world loved all things zombie. Oh, how the world has changed.

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