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Extreme Funny T-Shirt Of The Week: White Power Ranger

White Power Ranger
Nothing off-putting about this at all…
I thought that if I was going to write a blog that tracks down funny t-shirts that may (or may not) go a bit too far in the humor, that I should start with something really bad and really new. Well, this t-shirt was released by the website today. It is really new and really quite bad. Not bad in a bad way, but bad in a very naughty and mean way.
I am sure this will not be the last funny t-shirt that I post from, because they are the crown princes of offensive t-shirts on the Internet. T-Shirt Hell is the undisputed king and has been since the very first offensive t-shirt was sold on the Internet, but is like the dirty little prince who has sex with all of the nobles’ daughters after he gets them drunk.
This shirt made me LoL right away when I saw it. I grew up with the Power Rangers on my T’V in the mornings, and I always thought the show seemed a little racist and sexist. The Black Power Ranger was a black dude, the Yellow Power Ranger was an Asian, and the Pink Power Ranger was a prissy cheerleader? Talk about driving stereotypes into the heads of kids, right? That’s why I think this funny t-shirt is so hilarious.
Yes, funny t-shirts can be clean and still be funny. It’s shirts like these that push the limit of what is sociall acceptable that are so damn fun to wear, though. A little controversy isn’t a bad thing and it is always polarizing. I’m sure the real White Power Ranger was never a neo-nazi, but that play on words is just too funny to ignore.